сряда, 3 октомври 2012 г.

Coffee break !!!!

Catherine Arley 925
Catherine Arley 933
Essence 65 Camouflage
Sinful colours 921 All about you
Golden rose Multi Dimensions 20  
Acrylic paint
Cup of coffee
A cup of black,bitter coffee can do miracles with me.I need it early in the morning and late at night although there are some other pleasures to make the night hours more...interesting.The good coffee should be strong like His arms,warm like His kisses,dark like His eyes and definitely must kick asses like He can.They both should bring good memories after all,right? 
Sometimes I need a break from everything.I need time for myself,my thoughts,my craziness.In these moments only one is in safe around me - my big,black cup of coffee.So now it's time for coffee break.Should I put a 'Danger' sign on my door?Maybe next time...
 That's all for now...See ya...

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