събота, 6 октомври 2012 г.

Hater's club !!!!

The 'Dare you' mani will be a bit late this week but I felt so inspired for this post so here it is. 
To all lovely and adorable members of this club - I LOVE YOU,GUYS!
Oh,you've successfully read it?...Yes,I love you.No matter of your behavior I can and will live my wonderful life with all of you around me.And believe me I'm not the only one.There are lots of dignified people who just don't give a f*ck about you.We all live in our own universes with our own mental disorders so let's be good virtual neighbors in this good virtual mental house,ah?
My suggestion to all of you - be sure to take your pills every morning,noon and evening.Yes,the pink one too...it's important.If you don't there will be many washed-up pharmacy companies.And we all don't want to left people jobless,right?
Take care,take your medications,go to a therapy if you want and live your life...Not others...
Thank you.
Zoya Ivanka,3 coats of stunning beauty,the most envy green I've ever seen.Strike one.
China glaze Smoke and ashes,2 coats of pure dark pleasure.Strike two.
China glaze Meteor shower,2 coats of cosmic madness.Strike three and you're out.
Three strikes law.

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