вторник, 9 октомври 2012 г.

I dare...vol.2 !!!!

Sing this summer serenade...the past is done...we've been betrayed...

One time song.Deep and kind of endless...I mean even when it ends I rewinding it over and over again.It's definitely one of my songs,one of those inside my head.
The decor of the video is also one of my favorites - so warm and it's like you can feel the breeze for real.The scenes are yelling 'It's summer time,lover boy!Hold her tight before all ends.'
And Robbie...oh,Robbie.He looks adorable in...he always looks adorable.
Everything about this song makes me think of pinky melon colors,fresh cocktails,lazy kisses..mmm...Pure pleasure.Listen and enjoy.

In the end of the week will see 'I dare...vol.3'

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