четвъртък, 11 октомври 2012 г.

I dare...vol.3 !!!!

'I can't help myself from looking for ya...'

She's one of a kind.Her voice can break walls.The lyrics of her songs strike directly into the heart.It was hard to choose only one of her songs.But this one always makes me stop thinking of everything bad and sad.Makes me close my eyes and dream of the day when everything will be ok.This song brings both light and dark,carries subtle rays of light to the shadows,makes you wondering if the stars are visible or they are just one mind illusion.
Enjoy the colors around you!
Perfect 100 - light beige grey with subtle silver shimmer
Catrice Absolutely Chinchilly - creamy greyish beige
Classics 3D Effect 61 - night blue jelly with indigo violet flakes,multicolored micro glitter
Pastel 11 - medium blue with green undertone and multicolored subtle shimmer in blue,violet and maybe teal
Golden rose 163 - deep dark blue,gently shimmering

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