неделя, 14 октомври 2012 г.

USA today !!!!

I saw her swatches and she took my breath away - America - one of Julep brand's masterpieces.
I saw him and my heart went somewhere outside my body - Perfect S 29 - the blue-eyed guy from the local store.
I saw it in my friend's hands and it screams: 'I'm yours,baby!' - Kiko 335 - the strongest blue I've ever seen.
I saw Her in a dream and then She became real - Essence Fame fatale - red as devil's eyes.
I saw them side by side and here they are - the inspiration crew.
 - - - -
Julep America - clear base,silver and blue hex glitters,micro red glitters,silver stars
Essence Colour&go Fame fatale - classic red cream
Perfect S29 - clear base,multisized silver and blue hex glitters
Kiko 335 - indigo blue cream
OPI DS Magic - royal blue to violet duochrome,micro flakes for the blue tips
 Catherine Arley 946 - bloody red base with red glitter
USA - Always makes me think of indie polishes,Golden gate bridge,Central park and black coffee in Soho...Street artists,gospel singing,tattoo shops,interesting strangers - things to see,feel and love.Now.Today.

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