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'Are there any frogs in my purse' Tag !!!!

No,guys,no frogs inside it..sorry...
Well,strange for me but true - I'm doin' a 'What's in my purse' Tag post !!!!Red frog's been tagged by lovely Alison over at therosysnail.com and here we go.
It's pretty funny to take a look inside any woman's purse - there's no mess like this...at least at mine...There are a huge amount of crazy and curious things inside,lots of them forgotten and unuseful but still there.
This is a Tag post as I said - a bunch of girls decided to show to the rest of the world what's the true about their bags.You'll see links to the rest of the posts at the bottom of the page so go,inspect and enjoy.
Red frog's purse....
Old,loved,military green-my Terra nova bag is a part of the family.I found her last summer and it was love at first sight.Only the rain can stop me wearing her..Sadly she's not a winter type of a girl.Soon I 'll take her a sister - nice,friendly and made by leather.
 Here is the little bro - my secret writing book.He holds all my wishes and toughts and must always be there with me.Every dreaming polishes are there on his pages.My little girl also use this guy - drawing or just writing how much she love me...
 First help in a busy day - my cuticles cream and the daily body spray - nothing special in both of them.I bought the spray just because I loved the picture on it.Won't be a second purchase of it for sure...just don't like the scent so much.
 Sooo...I'm addicted smoker - judge me if you want.So I always have at least two lighters and a pack of sheets with me.No one knows when I'll need a light or to roll a smoke,right?The skull lighter is one of my favorite/besides polishes I'm also a lighter collector/.This is one of four in that style.Soon I'll make a mani inspired of these guys..Love these tissues and their baby skulls and they look amazing next to my lighters,ah?......
 Cosmetic supplies - Balea's hand and facial creams - always there,always full and always hard to find them inside the bag.Of course there is a file and a cuticle tool with them.And this lovely flower
hairclip - everyone who has a daughter can understand why it's there.
 My daily spa - Golden rose Marine spa - smells divine,makes my cuticles fresh and hydrated and has such a pretty color.My dauther's stuff again - her own file and her own rosehips....You should be thankful I don't have rocks and dried long ago flowers in my bag this time.
 Something extra considering I rarely put make up - my Golden rose mascara and the little Crazy egg Pretty perfume - for me and for the princess of course....the perfume not the mascara of course.
 The all artistic mess inside,including a lollipop...not for me,believe me  :
And that's all.It was a good way to clean all the trash and to put a bit of order inside.
Not long ago I've always had my favorite polishes there with me but when I realized how heavy could be 10 or more bottles and how stupid is to do such a thing.The other reason to stop doin' this is that the favs are a lot more than 10 already and probably I'll need a spare bag only for them...
Now let's see other girl's bags...you are curious,right?...

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  1. Много интересна публиакция!
    Това са ми любимите чанти - торбести и големи <3

    1. Благодаря:)И на мен са ми любими..сега съм в издирване на кожен вариант,та ако видиш някъде-свиркай:)))