събота, 10 ноември 2012 г.

Fallen angel !!!!

We all are good girls...Most of the time,probably.Most of us,probably.
We should be good wives.Good mothers.Good friends.Good people.And we try.Every single day we try.We try to look good.We try to work good.We try to cook good.We try to speak good.We try...Until the moment when the other part of us says:Enough.And then....
We put a blood red lipstick.
We buy that short dress we've only dreamed of for the past few months...or years.
We cut our long silky hairs.
We order a pizza for dinner cause our nails desperately need to be polished right now.
We put the high heels...or don't put them cause we can't walk on high heels...
We leave the angel wings at home.
And we are ready - for the first time / or not / we won't be good. 
Cause life is a bitch.And we should learn how to deal with it.
Another fallen angel.
No angels left.Only feathers....
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  1. Не мога да кажа кое ми харесва повече - дали маникюра или стила ти на писане - страхотна сиии!

    1. Благодаря ти,Иив,винаги ми стопляш душата<3...нещо напоследък музата ми е забегнала нанякъде,ама ще я намеря пак....