петък, 23 ноември 2012 г.

Purple facets !!!!

Some polishes drop in your hands surprisingly - no searching,no hunting,no begging.They just stand on their shelves waiting for you to walk into the store.And Wow! you own couple of the most wanted polishes in your wish list.There was a time when you almost got them.There was a time when you almost gave up.But now it's the time when you already have them.Gorgeous,beautiful and all yours.And you know you'll never turn your back on them cause they deserve all the love you can give give.They deserve to be shaked time to time.They deserve tо be clean and ready to indulge you.And most of all they deserve a good company,a bunch of color-combo-mates to talk,laugh and feel good with.So do your best and meet your beloved ones with the proper  entourage.
Revlon Facets of fuchsia/Scandalous,Finger paints Beach bound,Essence It's purplelicious
Finger paints Beach bound came to me as part of Beauty ninja 's 150 followers giveaway!
Thanks a lot,Deb!! 

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  1. Thank you!!Me too and I'm so sad I don't have Whimsical....

  2. Purples are definitely lacking in my stash but I love these and may need to hunt them down :)