понеделник, 26 ноември 2012 г.

I dare ... vol.7 !!!!

Not so sweet and tasty as the Kinder bueno commercial.This girl sounds strong and a bit angry and looking in her eyes during the video you definitely will see the power of a woman who's irate at this world.There are no cute vampires and sugar ladies here.This is the real rough world were girls got balls..sometimes more than guys...And they are not affraid to show their strenght to everyone.
Are you ready for This World?

 OPI Pirouette my whistle - one of the awesome goodies I receive from Deb from Beauty Ninja after winning her 150 followers giveaway!!!
OPI Stranger tides - left ring finger,right point finger
Revlon Smoky canvas - left middle finger,right pinky
Pastel 84 - left point finger,right thumb
Model Own Misty grey - left thumb,right ring finger
Catrice Absolute chinchilly - left pinky,right middle finger

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