вторник, 4 декември 2012 г.

Liebster award nominations on the road !!!!

I've been nominated!!!!!Wow....Kristy from Saturday's Swatch choose me to be one of the 11 nominated for the Liebster award bloggers!!!Thank you,sweetie!!Things like this bring more sunlight in my day.And to be honest I'm one of those girl who love to talk about themsleves...shame on you,Red frog....So this nomination came right in time.But first some info about the nomination....It's an award given out to bloggers with less than 200 followers.It gives a great opportunity to find something more about the person behind the words and the shots.That's how the blogger becomes a real person.What you need to do is to write 11 random facts about yourself,to answer to 11 questions asked of you by your nominator and of course to nominate eleven other bloggers to receive the award.Pretty fun and easy,right?!.....And remember, no tagbacks!
Now let's do it....
1.I have two piercings on my tongue...No it doesn't heart...And yes,they jingle when I talk.
2.I have 6 tattoes...mostly dragons.On my right hand I have a  writing  - 3 names in japanese...at least I think they are the certain names...in fact I'm affraid to ask someone to translate the writing...
3.I'm leftist...but can draw with both my hands.
4.I collect Djeep lighters...my second addiction after polishes.
5.I can't walk on high heels...but it didn't stop me to buy a pair just to feel more girly sometimes.
6.Very often I calm down washing dishes...
7.I've always wanted to meet a vampire...
8.I need at least half an hour and a full cup of coffee to feel really awake.
9.I'm affraid of loneliness...and a bit of the dark.
10.My favorite number is 4.
11.And,yes,I snore too...
Now let's see Kristy's questions...
1.If you were a color what color would you be? 
Red for sure...like a red wine maybe.
2.Who would play you in the movie about your life? 
Meg Rayn...but she should dye her hair red...lol
3.What would you title your memoirs?
A day like a lifetime.... 
4.Hey baby, what's your sign? 
5.How do you like your eggs cooked? 
Scrambled and juicy....
6.Describe yourself in 3 words. 
Spicy,smiling and ... me.
7.Name 3 traits you look for in a significant other. 
Honest,strong for two and funny
8.Which Spice Girl represented you best? 
Hahahahaha...maybe Ginger spice...lol
9.It's your last supper.  What are you eating? 
French fries and chicken....I looooove baked chicken.
10.If you had to be on a reality tv show, which one would you pick? 
Big brother..maybe...
11.What's your current favourite song?
Whew!!!Now straight to my nominations and question....And the winners are.....
The Black widow's place
Intense Polish Therapy
Iiv Mortisha 
Oh,my toes!! 
Drops of rainbow 
Sparkle in your dreams 
Pink flower 
Southern Sass'n'sparkle 
Punky Polish 
My Beauty Madness 
Dear,ladies and gents,here are my questions to you:
1.Do you  believe in guardian angels?
2.If you think you have one,how do you think he looks like
3.More male or more female friends do you have?
4.What's the most stupid thing you've ever done in your teenage years?
5.Who's talking louder when it comes to buy something expensive but not needed - you angel or you devil?
6.If you get the chance to live your life again would you change anything?
7.A walk in the park or few hours on the beach?
8.Coffee or beer?
9.Mini skirt or jeans?
10.Cat or dog?
Wow!Finished it.Read.Write.Enjoy and pass it on!!! 


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  1. Благодаря ти за номинацията, Червенокоске! Възможно най-скоро ще предам нататък :)

    1. Страхотно!!!Радвам се,че ще се включиш:)))

    2. Привет :) Близо година по-късно, ето и моят отговор: http://www.dropsofrainbow.com/2013/09/blog-tag-liebster-blog-award-1.html ;)

  2. congrats on your award! btw i'm pretty sure we're some kind of sisters!!!