сряда, 9 януари 2013 г.

Bloody Marble !!!!

Long time no water marble posts...Not the best it could be but it's not such a big deal I think.Seems like my nails and eyes need a little vacation of all that glitter madness.So back to cremes and red...of coarse.
I love how water marbling surprises me every time we meet.To see how a certain color changes to something new or melts in a perfect alliance with the others in the water always mesmerize me.Most of the time the better pattern is on my skin but it's still a little piece of magic.
This time it reminds me of Snow White - blood drops on the snow,dark mahogany wood and etc.My snow is a bit dirty for Snow White but come on,hun,I live in such a big city!!You don't want me to talk about the air pollution here believe me....
So my Snow White has pretty grey skin tone which makes her hair color more sensual and classy,like a dark chocolate with at least 80% cocoa.On the other hand her cheeks definitely don't need any make up procedures - their natural red is out of this world.And finally - my Snow White is not afraid of any dark persons like witches,evil queens or else.She knows they all live in fairy tales.
Revlon Smoky Canvas,Catherine Arley 933,Golden rose Rich color 23

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