вторник, 8 януари 2013 г.

Glitter hunger !!!!

Always hungry for something new.Always hungry for something cute and beautiful.If I should be honest I'm also always hungry for chocolate and sweets.One word - woman,don't try to understand her cause you probably won't be able.
Now back to the hunger.
I have a glitter type of polish addiction.If it sparkles I should have it...or at least something similar to it.So today I made a sandwich - a glitter one.There's something lonely and blue in this color combo...Reminds me of a rainy summer day...Don't know why...Maybe I just miss the hot summer days too much...
The ingredients:Pastel 84-light greyish blue,Essence Circus confetti,Essence Color&go 25 Glisten up,Revlon 441 Radiant
The recipe:
1.One thick coat of Pastel 84 on all your nails except the ring ones
2.One coat of Essence's confetti  - I love this glitter,you can make even two layers with this one...it's up to you and your glitter hunger at the moment
3.Two thin coats of Glisten up to make the glassy sandwich effect better
4.Your favorite top coat
5.Accent fingers - two coats of the Revlon Radiant,two coats of Glisten up and 1 final coat of Revlon.Of coarse all covered with top coat for more smooth and glossy look
Bon Appetit!!!!

3 коментара:

  1. Why do I get the feeling you bought all Golden Rose Jolly Jewels polishes?

  2. Hahahahaahha!There's no Jolly jewels here but looks like them - you're right:)))I got only 6 of the all 17:(((Sadly they won't sell some of those I want most here in Bulgaria..I would buy them all if I was able to:))

  3. we are all glitter polish addicted ......