събота, 5 януари 2013 г.

Burgundy Jewels !!!!

Cold winter night.Warm cozy place.Candle light and fluffy pillows.Crystal glass with lipstick mark on it.Bottle of bourbon and half-smoked cigar.Little black dress on the table.A tuxedo on the couch.High heels on the stairs...
He's hurrying for tonight's football game.
She's hurrying for tonight's nail polishing.
Both are pleased.
O.P.I. Let me entertain you,Nubar Burgundy glitter,Golden rose Jolly jewels 108

2 коментара:

  1. I love how the larger glitter gradient changed from nail to nail. It made for a gradient from nail to nail instead of on one nail. Very creative!

    1. Yes,it became very interesting.I love the sparkles of these polishes - look amazing even on these blury pictures...