четвъртък, 3 януари 2013 г.

Red beat !!!!

       Stop the light and close your eyes.Turn off the music and enjoy the silence.Do you hear it?...Yes,it's your heart and it's beating.Strong,fast beat - just like it's supposed to be.Even now after all the these crazy holidays the beat is like a song - you can hear all the emotions and beautiful moments of Christmas days in this beat.I think everyone's beat has different color just because we all are different.And this personal color changes as we are changing.
        I know now my beat is red.It's powerful.It's strong.This is how I feel it.This is how I should act.
        What color is your beat? 
Perfect K23/base color for the red ones/,Perfect S32/coat color of the reds/,Essence Color&go Icy princess 80/base color of the silver ones/,Gabrini Multivitamin 349/silver-red-blue glitter coat for the silvers/

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