вторник, 15 януари 2013 г.

Pimped out !!!!

Remember yesterday's mani?I've decided not to change it generally but just to pimp it out a bit.So I have two different designs today.You know how it goes - too many ideas for only ten nails.
 As you,lovelies,can see on the shots I made some sponging on my left hand and some milky drops on my right one.For both designs I've used one of my favorite Ruby rose's treasures - # 50.It's a soft light grey with amazing micro shimmer in violet blue.If you have ever wonder what is the color of the moonlight now you know - Ruby rose 50.Keep in touch cause soon I'll do full mani with this gorgeous treasure.On top of all I made some pirouettes - final coat with OPI Pirouette my whistle...I love this name....And that's all.
And don't forget to enter my giveaway - there are only three days left and I'll choose the winner.Remember there will be a surprise polish from the latest Golden rose collection!!!Any guesses?

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