понеделник, 14 януари 2013 г.

Magic effect !!!!

There are things that don't need lots of words to impress me.Some of them I call 'soul food' and others are 'mind temptations'.Тоday I gave my mind and soul more than enough reasons to forget about everything else but these two guys - OPI DS Magic and Classics 3D Effect 61.... 
Working info:full opacity:both in 2 coats,drying time - a coat of Mr.Poshe,maximum 7 minutes for a smoke and you are ready to go wherever you want. 
I have only one problem wearing these beauties - I desperately need a second pair of eyes just to look at my nails....and I think one 24/7 shining sun for private usage also will make things more .... how to say it .... more easy for me.
That's what I call 'magic effect'.... 
 OPI DS Magic and Classics 3D Effect 61

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