събота, 26 януари 2013 г.

Snaked !!!!

I like snakes...on pictures.They look dangerous but also so beautiful.Their skin is one of the most amazing things to recreate and probably one of the hardest.I can only say I've tried...
Cold,sleek and kind of arrogant they are as deadly as they are beautiful....just like women are.Mother Nature should make some of her creatures with 'Danger' label on them....no matter snakes or women....
Used:Pastel 17,Pastel 84,Manglaze Ryal Matterimoaning,Essence Jacob's protection

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  1. Миме, я издай тайната за змийската шарка - с мрежичка ли, с какво :-)

    1. С мрежичка от гъба за баня:)))тези като панделки:))))и с гъбичка за грим!!