неделя, 27 януари 2013 г.

Girls and jewels !!!!

As a modern woman I should be strong.
I should work but also should stay at home when it's needed.I should look perfect but without using too much make up.I should know how to install a circuit breaker while I cook the dinner.I should know how to repair my iron without screwdriver ... Well,it's true my nails are much stronger than most of the screwdrivers around but excuse me - I need at least few minutes to feel and act like a girl with all those girly things like tears,shopping therapy,more than 2 lipsticks in my bag and of course with all my pink jewel polishes.And believe me I Love those nails of mine and you don't want to be around if I break even one of them.So,stay back and when you see the empty look in my eyes please leave me alone with all my girly needs.Thank you.
 Golden rose Jolly Jewels 103,Gabrini Multivitamin 315,Desert rose DR-17
Golden rose Jolly Jewels 103

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