неделя, 31 март 2013 г.

The Wizard of Prague..with OPI's What Wizardry Is This? and A Woman's Prague-ative !!!!

The Wizard of Prague....
As you know I like strange color combos.For me there is nothing strange when it comes to colors.You can see the perfection in the most unbelievable color combinations.The only thing you need is inspiration.It's easy to find it.While you are listening unknown till now song,while you are watching your kid's favorite cartoon movie,while you are looking at all those strangers at the bus stop....It's somewhere there.And it waits for you to see it.
This time my inspiration came right on time.A mate came back from a business trip to Prague.A lovely lady sent me a package full of polish surprises.And I started dreaming.Dreaming with eyes wide open.Dreaming for stunning polishes like these two here.Dreaming of cold czech beer.
First task done.The dream came true.
Second task...hm...soon.Mr.Beer Wizard of Prague - be patient.We'll see each other.I'm giving you my word.

OPI What Wizardry Is This? and A Woman's Prague-ative

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