неделя, 28 април 2013 г.

Can't Let Go...with OPI and Catrice Steel My Heart !!!!

To let go?....No,I just can't.
I want them all..all sand polishes...There's no polish finish like liquid sand one.Never tought I'll be so in love with something like this.After all the swatches around nail polish community you,lovelies,have already seen this one here - OPI Can't let go from Mariah Carey collection.But...but I can't let it go without showin' it to you....
What we have - 
Gorgeous smoky purple with tons of hex glitters,tender blue undertone and all this in sandy finish.
And just because this is me and I can't let this beauty alone here it is - one of my favorite polishes ever - Catrice Steel my heart in brushed metal effect finish.
Absolute perfection.My perfection.
To let go?
No way.Can't let go.
 OPI Mariah Carey Can't Let Go and Catrice Steel My Heart

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