четвъртък, 2 май 2013 г.

There's no bad red ... with Golden rose Jolly jewels 121 !!!!

The perfect red glitter.
Color - red,pure and bright.
Type - glitter,lots of it,in red.
Coverage - full in two to three coats.
Finish - a bit grid and matte but wo coats of Seche Vite did the rest of the job. 
Drying time - pretty well,but as always I've used quick dry top coat.
Durability - fine for me....I do all things kitchen without gloves  and my nails love water.I can't stand chipped polish and there's no way to see my nails chipped.Also I change my polish very often so it has no time to get chipped...Sooo - fine for me as I said.
Golden rose Jolly jewels 121.
Must have it.Must wear it.Must love it....I already do.
There are polishes I start loving even before having them.This jewel is one of them.This red glitter is in my blood,it's made for me.The shade of the color,its intensity,the great amount of glitter particles....everything is just as I want it to be for my perfect red glitter polish.
With this red there's no bad red.
 Golden rose Jolly jewels 121,China glaze Red satin/Cranberry splash/Merry berry

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  1. I Have to agree, it is gorgeous!! I have seen it personally and next time I'll buy it :) Kiss