петък, 26 април 2013 г.

Scale my nails...with Catherine Arley 929/245,Gosh Rainbow and Deborah 3D Tech 102!!

Good morning,guys!!Fell fine?...Yeaaah,me too..
What we have today?
Something simple,easy to do and at the same time so catchy and beautiful - bright spring shades touched with some flakes.You know I love flaky toppers right?For this mani I've used two of them.Without wasting anymore time in sweet talkin' let's go straight to the polishes - 
Catherine Arley 245 - gorgeous creme in violet with strong blue undertone,full coverage in one coat / for me two please /
Catherine Arley 929 - peachy orange creme....yes,sweet as hell...a bit sheer but who cares - just look at the color
Gosh Rainbow - heeeellooo Mr.Rainbow....one of the all time favorites - stunning glass flakes in green,red,gold,orange shades
Deborah 3D Tech Top coat 102 - this beauty came home few weeks ago from a swap I've made with a very kind fellow blogger - Valentina aka Nail Polish Army - be sure to take a look at her blog,she has some amazing swatches
Nice ah?Enjoy....
Catherine Arley 929/245,Gosh Rainbow and Deborah 3D Tech Top coat102

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  1. Thank you honey, I'm glad you like it! I love those spring colours - but it keeps raining here so it's still early to wear them :(