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Golden rose Moments vol.2 !!!!

Good morning,guys...
Today I have a guest here - someone we've already know - Golden rose.As you know Golden rose have made the first step to get closer to Bulgarian bloggers and these lovelies here are the second step if I can say so.
What we have this time - 
Golden rose Jolly jewels 102 - great amount of different sized hex glitters in just one little bottle - the perfect silver glitter for me.
Golden rose Jolly jewels 113 - light pink base filled with little golden and bigger red to orange glitters - strange but so beautiful on nails...I think I've found a new love here.
Golden rose Infinity lash Volume&Length mascara -The Mascara...Believe me this one is magnificient - black deep and extremely 'me'...Sorry for the luck of pictures of this beauty but I'm not really sure how to represent it well to you....You should have this mascara - that's my opinion.
What else can I say?....These polishes are marvelous.Why so?Let's see - 
1.Two to three coats of every Jolly jewel and you're ready to go - opacity full
2.Want some lighter accent - use the brush for creating something extraordinary or put a thinner coat over any other color to make it more sparkling
3.Washing dishes make you polish cry - don't worry,I wash a Lot of dishes / without gloves / and can say these guys feel  very good in the water
4.Want to make something eye-catching - except these two beauties,there are enough other shades and color combos in the collection you can play with
5.Taking it over - you'll need some extra patience and some aluminium foil with cotton buds and remover - nothing special..There are lots of tutorials about 'How to remove a glitter polish?' - so go and find yours
Finally - enjoy the pictures....
 *Products were sent for review.All opinions are mine.

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