понеделник, 8 април 2013 г.

Sugar news...with Zoya Godiva and Revlon Smoky Canvas !!

Hello hello and good morning!
Wake up,hun...Put some clothes on you please...That's better.
Good morning,sweetie!You look lovely no matter this early hour.So be quick,take a shower,brush your hair..Yeah,ok...Find your cigarettes I'll wait...Ready?Ok.
Make yourself a cup of strong black coffee.Put some cream and sugar if you want to...Now it's time to open today's newspaper.Hmmm...Great.Don't have today's one?Ok.Go and find the one from yesterday.Ready?Ok.
Anything interesting on the first page?No?...On the second?No?On the last page?No?...Put this piece of useless paper down please.Yes,it's ok to put it in the garbage.
The coffee is still hot,ah?Doesn't matter it's perfect.
So...No newspaper,ah?Ok.
Light a cigarette and take a look at these amazing guys on my nails - Godiva and Smoky canvas...Now enjoy the rest of the morning.

 Zoya Pixie Dust Godiva - Revlon Smoky Canvas

6 коментара:

  1. Тая Зоя ще я сънувам!Сега и нея я искам и ти си виновна!Много готино ти стои :D <3

    1. Благодаря:))Определено си струва да я вземеш..страхотен цвят е!!!

  2. Уникални нокти имаш и много красиви неща твориш, браво!