четвъртък, 9 май 2013 г.

Polish Days : Her 5 !!!!

New month - new theme....As the fifth month of the year May is the month for Polish Days theme 'The Number 5'....So many possibilities,so many ideas,so much inspiration....As always.
I didn't wonder too long what to do on my nails this time.Just let my daughter in my sacred polish world and let her choose 5 from all the 300+ shades and finishes.Now I can tell how proud I am - she knows me better than anyone....My little princess....To make the kiddo more happy I've wanted to do something funny to finish my mani / the princess loves nail designs a lot / and finally ended with seven hearts for my seven years old girl...So here we go - mom and the princess - the perfect collaboration...
  Her 5 :
Catherine Arley 245 - violet blue creme
Catherine Arley 511 - bright red creme
Catherine Arley 515 - dark purple creme
Trendy Bamboo 61 - light grass green creme
Flormar 424 - mint creme
 As you can see my nails are far shorter than before...Sad but true...In the next post I'll tell you the story of The awful Tuesday and the 3 broken nails...

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