сряда, 5 юни 2013 г.

Smokin' hot .... with Manhattan Lotus Effect 45T !!!!

Hellooo world !!!
It's me again - Red Frog.This time in a real 'me' version.What do I mean?You'll see...
What we have today - deep sexy red creme,glossy as a glass of wine and bright as my eyes after this wine...Manhattan Lotus Effect 45T.
What I feel about this guy on my nails - hm....good question.Well,he has great coverage - two coats and 'Hey,I'm in heaven!!!'.His color is sooo unbelievably saturated and makes me want more and more.He 'dries' fast - is that good?Depends on what you need,lovelies....His finish - I can always ask for more if you know what I mean.But no worries - who needs a perfect finish when the top coat is around?After there are no perfect guys....at least free and available.
Last words - he's hot.Really hot.Smokin' hot.I'll keep him home.
So that's me - no matter of the lenght.Red and satisfied.
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  1. И с къс маникюр си супер, но с дългия си уникалнааа!