неделя, 28 юли 2013 г.

Kiko Sugar Mat 640 vs. Golden rose 53 !!!!

Hello hello!!
I have couple of hours before my vacation trip so I got something sparkling gorgeous for you,lovelies - Kiko Sugar Mat 640 and Golden rose Holiday 53 !!!
These two stunning sand polishes really deserve to be at your polish racks... at least one of them if not both.I was pretty sure they are dupes but the little devil inside my head said - 'Go,sweetie,get both of them...they are not the same...^ ^'..I wasn't able to resist...So here they are - sparkling,glowing,full of light ...
Try to guess who is who -
What can I say more about them...Let's see - full coverage at only two coats for both brands,as all sand finish polishes these here have pretty fast drying time,sand finish is same for both of them - can't stop touching it ... when it's dry of course.Final words - there's no love like this.
Left hand - 
Kiko Sugar Mat 640 - pinky,middle,thumb
Golden rose Holiday 53 - ring finger,point finger
Right hand - 
Kiko Sugar Mat 640 - ring finger,point finger
Golden rose Holiday 53 - pinky,middle,thumb
That's all for now....See ya soon,lovelies....

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  1. I can't tell the difference, but the are both beautiful. I am surprised how much I like the sand polish on your long lovely nails.