събота, 10 август 2013 г.

Few words....

No photos today.It's time for a talk.
Hello lovelies!!!
Last week was full of strange things...Most of them were not funny at all.But life is a bitch as we all know so I wasn't surprised.For a moment I was lost in thought what's the point to give your heart and soul about something that doesn't make you feel even a bit contented. 
Probably now you are thinking 'What the hell she's talking about?'....I don't want to bother you with my personal problems...I'm not that selfish.But there are things I've wanted to say long ago and now the time has come.
I'm part of some kind of bloggers society here in Bulgaria - a bunch of smart and talented ladies who want to make the world more beautiful and delicate place to live and breathe.I'm honored to know some of them in person - lovely ladies that can make me laugh and happy even when everything around me is out of order.Real beauty loving buddies.I was very  very happy when the idea for this bloggers society was born.I thought we finally will make it right,we will have a place to talk and discuss about everything that bothers us,we will be able to search and give advises,we finally will find our cosmetic addicted soul mates.And it was that way.Till the last few days.
When I got back from my vacation I've found a complete mess...Our society was turned into a mad house....We need a doctor here!!!!!And strong medicines.I've even thought if I really want to be part of that kind of group.For now I'm not sure.Why the hell all went wrong?Where did the good manners go?About the reasons for this mess - little place like Bulgaria is too small for that much women with that much self esteem.My opinion.
Because of this mess I'm talking about the last hour I think there are few things that need to get clear.
This blog is my place to escape from all the ugly and sad things around me.It's like a polish diary,a record which will help me to see if my skills are getting better or if my nails need to be shortened.As I've said long ago - if you don't like it please feel free to leave and have a nice day.I'm writing in English cause I think it will be easier for most of my followers to understand me.My English is awful - I know that believe me.But how to improve it without using it?I've make mistakes.But who doesn't?No one's perfect.I'll be glad if anyone tells me every time when I write something wrong but no one does...Well,my ex did a few times but no matter how close we are I can't ask him to check every word I'm writing here,right?My posts are full of photos.Of my nails.Yes.I like my nails.I'm writing about nail polishes,nail art and etc. so what should I post if not photos?Photos are not professional.Of course they are not.Sad but true I'm not a photographer.But I do my best.And I'll keep doing it.
I can talk more but don't think it's needed.
My blog.My thoughts.My nails.Like it or not.

                                                                                        All yours,

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  1. I'm sorry for the drama you're going through and for the record I've never noticed your english to be "bad" so don't be so down on your english skills!

  2. I'm sorry you are experiencing so much hard stuff right now. It's there for a reason - and sometimes the only reason is to teach you how you DON'T want to see things operated. Keep strong and keep true to yourself! As you said "your blog, your rules" :)

    Your English is not bad. I'm not a native speaker myself and I've grown a lot and learnt a lot by reading websites written by native speakers. It gets better with time, even if no ones criticizes your grammar or your spelling. Believe in yourself!

    I'm looking forward to your next nail posts!

    May kind wishes,