понеделник, 12 август 2013 г.

Pink impression with Perfect Sand Lacquer S57 !!!!

I woke up last morning and thought - the moment needs some romance,some light and tenderness...What better way to keep the bad things away than thinking more positive?Well,it won't help much I guess but let's give it a try...At least I'll look more girly for a couple of days.
You know I like strong intensive colors more than any other ones but time to time the girly girl inside me wants to get out.And she wears pink.Mostly.
This time the chosen one is Perfect Sand Lacquer S57 - super sweet baby pink I've bought in a fit of insanity few weeks ago.As all other Perfects from this collection this one is with awesome opacity and gorgeous sand finish.
I've used my acrylics for the decoration - abstract flowers over Essence Color&go 36 Enchanted fairy - light pink with a touch of violet in it.Let's see...

I'm satisfied with the result.As you can see from the shots the sun really likes this mani...Do you like it,lovelies?

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