сряда, 14 август 2013 г.

Here comes the King with OPI Golden eye !!!!

Good morning,my lovelies...
Me to you today - something already seen but really outstanding - couple of cremes and a piece of art well known to every polish addicted person in our lands.
O.P.I. Golden eye is the accent this time.
Surrounded by some of the most honorable warriors in my polish army,this gorgeous polish king definitely will need some more posts to show what kings are made of...To be honest I don't really know what kings are made of but some queens will kill to have Golden eye in their hands...There are thousands of reviews for this polish,hundreds of descriptions and opinions,billions of photos and only one word to describe it right - Perfect!!
Stand up for the King!!
The King - OPI Golden eye
The brave lil army - 
Essence Color&go 87 Passion for fashion
Flormar 429

4 коментара:

  1. Готин е лака, малко дразнещ, когато се маха , защото полепва по кожата.
    Можеш да направиш маникюра на Бонд мацката от последния филм
    Skyfall отгоре и Golden Eye отдолу, мнооого е як :)

    1. Определено ще опитам в най-скоро време:))

  2. I love the combination of the blue,gold and purple!