сряда, 18 септември 2013 г.

Graphic marks !!!!

Today I want to show you a re-do to one of my latest manis - Simplicity with Essence
Here are a couple of shots it.My nails looked great the first two days but after that...well,scratches,tips showing...they didn't look as well as on the pictures.
  I had so much things to do lately and haven't got enough time to do my nails as often as I want.My little princess came home after a long vacation with her dad and I was ready to spent all my 'nails' time with her.After the long working day I was a bit more tired than ever.The result was I fell asleep with the princess/maybe even before her/.It feel so good to hug your little daughter when you haven't seen her for such a long time....
In the morning the question was 'how to make something new from the almost ruined mani I was wearing?'...I've decided to get a new and fresh looking mani as easy as it's possible.And look out  what I've done,my lovelies -
-How to-
1.You wake up in the morning and realize last night you've fall asleep before even had the chance to smell the nail polish remover
2.Make yourself a big hot black strong cup of coffee and take a breath
3.Look at your nails...close to disaster,ah?
5.Look around and find your acrylics - they dry faster than every single nail polish you've ever known
6.Find a regular dish-washing sponge
7.Choose 2 or more colors of your acrylics
8.Start with the first one of the chosen colors
9.Put some of it on the sponge
10.Start dabbing - in my case I dabbed the tips
11.Coffee...and a smoke
12.After the first color gets dry,repeat steps 9 and 10 with the second color
13.If you still have time,clean your sponge and put some of the third color on it
14.I didn't have enough time so I ended with two colors only.
15.When the acrylic marks is are done you only have to put some top coat/something drying as fast as it's possible/
16.You are ready to wake up your kiddo and to finish your coffee 
Time for all 16 steps - 10 minutes
Good night.

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  1. Hello Maria,
      its ok?
    Already bought glazes HITTS you both want. Are wonderful. Please answer my emails.
    a hug

  2. Здравей!Един таг от мен :))