сряда, 25 септември 2013 г.

Fall is coming with Illamasqua !!!!

Fall is coming and I'm ready to fight with the cold weather.This fight will be the first step to the greatest war against winter.But now we are not talking about the white cold-hearted lady.We talk about her little sister - still warm and friendly but also tricky as little devil.
I like this season...in its begining mostly with lots of lovely warm colors all around and tender sunshine.
I do not like the other side of it - raining all day,cold and sharp wind that wants to blow all your thoughts away...
Autumn has its own charisma...just like Illamasqua.
Used - 
Illamasqua Charisma
Isabelle Dupont N53
acrylic paints
fine brush
*Inspired by Robin Moses

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