неделя, 1 септември 2013 г.

Simplicity with Essence !!!!

Good evening,my lovelies...
While ago one great idea has run through my chaotic mind and left a very clean sign there - the idea about showing you my all time favorite polishes on their own.No designs,no drawings,no rhinestones,no stickers.Just the true color.
Tonight I have something very special for you,the first couple of my Essence beloved  from Color&go collection - Fame fatal and Movie star shades,both in old bottles.These little bottles hold in their arms two of the greatest colors I've ever wear on my nails.
Fame fatal - red.Oh my Red.True bright stunning red.Red as I like it most.This little treasure has marvelous coverage,fascinating shine and dries really quick.What else one red lover needs?...
Red Frog's Rating - 10 of 10
Movie star - grey.The perfect middle dark grey with the right proportion between black and white.This guy perfectly complements his red lady.One really awesome gentleman.
Red Frog's Rating - 10 of 10
Used - 
Essence Color&go 35 Movie star
Essence Color&go 61 Fame fatal

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