сряда, 4 септември 2013 г.

Write the light with Flormar Light Summer !!!!

Good morning,lazy lovelies...
It's getting harder and harder to wake up so early....It's still dark outside,almost like at night.Where is my sun I'm asking?Still sleeping maybe...I'm already missing the summer no matter it's still here.On to the nails please...
The inspiration for today's mani came from a very close friend of mine.Time to time he comes with some awesome ideas about what I could make as a design on my nails.And this time the idea was great,he was right again....as always.
For base colors I've used Flormar Light Summer in LS02,LS03 and LS04.I've bought these beauties few weeks ago and till now they were standing desperate and lonely on my polish rack waiting to be used for something beautiful.So,guys,your time has come....
Used - 
Flormar Light Summer LS02
Flormar Light Summer LS03
Flormar Light Summer LS04
Sally Hansen Gem Crush 08 Glitz Gal

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