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OPI vs Orly !!!!

Hello hello,lovelies...
Still awake I hope....How was your weekend?Mine was fast as a race car so I think somebody should make weekends at least four days long...Lately I definitely need more than 24 hours a day to do all the things needed to be done...
Back to the polishes please...Well,tonight I have an awesome comparison for you.Two of the most wanted polishes in my wish list - Orly Fowl Play and OPI Merry Midnight.I got these babies thanks to two amazing ladies - Patricia and Anita just few months ago.Finally their time has come and I'm freakin' happy to say - these two should stay on every single polish rack in our polish addicted world.
Fowl Play was released back in 2011 as part of Birds of a Feather Collection by Orly brand.
Merry Midnight was born 2 years earlier in 2009 as part of OPI's Holiday Wishes Collection
They look very similar to each other...but only in the bottles believe me,lovelies....Lots of posts in our polished world were dedicated to these guys here and probably most of you have already seen them in person but as we know - it's never enough.So,please guys,don't blame me for being so exited about wearing these two gotgeous ones.
My impressions - 
Orly Fowl Play - he's the darker of them two.No matter he came in this world later,he looks like an older brother - both are cute,both are sexy but he's more intense and deep.The base color is with a bit more blue in it.It's a deep blackish violet full of all those gorgeous multicolored flakes which make the polish so vibrant.
OPI Merry Midnight - warm sensual purple jelly....The little brother is also interesting for my eyes...hmmm...As the base is warmer so are the flakes' colors.You can see the hidden fire of the flakes on the photoes down bellow.There is more thrilling red in OPI's bottle which makes it so close to my heart.
Enough blah blah....let the photos do the rest....
OPI - left pinky,middle finger and thumb/right ring finger and point finger
Orly - right pinky,middle finger and thumb/left ring finger and point finger
Almost to forget - prepare for a little surprise,lovelies - later this week there will be a giveaway here!!!!

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