събота, 7 декември 2013 г.

It's on the tips with Barielle Elle's Spell !!!!

Hello,my lovelies....
It's on the tips....
You all have read Snow White's fairytale.I have.Long ago.
Do you remember how kind was the Huntman with Snow White when they've met each other in the wood?He was kind enough to save her life.He was kind enought not to take her heart.Instead of hers he took the heart of a reindeer and gave it to the evil queen.The Huntman was kind and brave.But still has blood on his  hands....Sometimes a sacrifice is needed.
That's what I saw when I've finished my mani.Like I was the Huntman.With reindeer's blood on my tips.
Used - 
Orly Lift The Veil
China Glaze Red Satin
Barielle Elle's Spell

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