четвъртък, 2 януари 2014 г.

HNY with Manglaze,Zoya and Pastel !!!!

Happy New Year,my lovelies.....
It's time for the first post for 2014.
But first a few words...The past year was different,amazing,surprising and .... it's gone.I wish to all of you and to myself this year to be better.As I'm telling you in the past few posts - shine,my lovelies.Shine even when you need to hide deep inside yourself.Shine even when your eyes are full of tears.Shine even when your heart turns into pieces.Shine for those who know even the single smile you give is priceless. 
As always I want to be absolute honest with you so I have to tell you - this wasn't my new years eve mani.I promise to show it here in the next few days.Why I'm posting a past mani in the first day of the year?Because I love this one.It turned out so catchy and elegant because of the blue to gold combo.Or because of the polishes I've used?Both are true.The main role here is for Zoya Maria Luisa - one of my biggest lemmings.I bought Maria Luisa along with Gilty and Blaze and to tell you the truth I wasn't very excited when I've saw it in the bottle.But Holly polish!When I put just one layer of it over this deep blue it was a little death for me....She's Gorgeous.And her name is Maria,witch makes her even more special for me.

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  1. wonderful design! I like it very much. I am your new follower- your blog is full of inspiration :)