вторник, 4 март 2014 г.

Bring the Bling with Orly La Vida Loca

Good morning,sunshine lovelies....
I guess you you've already know this awesomeness I have for you  today but how not to show it?Orly La Vida Loca from I LOVE NAILS collection.It's pink.It's bright.It's almost neon.It's amazing.I was enable to resist the need to put some glitter next to it.Lots of  glitter.Lots of colors.LVL has great opacity - for full coverage I've used just two layers and it was a dream.The subtle blue undertone is almost unvisible here but believe me it makes miracles with this pink.
Now bring the bling and shine....
Used - 
Orly La Vida Loca
Essence Circus Confetti
Gabrini 336

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