вторник, 20 май 2014 г.

Oh My Gold with Bornpretty store !!!!

Hello,my lovelies....
You know how much I like roses right?Probably it's good to say I just love them.Lately I've found I'm also in love with gold polishes.So what better combo then roses and gold?Today I want to show you some awesome stickers from Born Pretty Store.

        Look how fantastic this mani came out no matter the stickers are a bit thicker than I prefer.They are really helpful for such as lazy frogs like me...What else to say?Just go and find some more lovely decorations in the 'Most Popular'   section cause Oh My Gold - they all look fantastic!
Born Pretty Store offers international shipping - free with any perchase - so don't forget to use my coupon code to save some cash with your order TM2X31.
Used -   
O.P.I. Golden Eye  
Golden Lady  
Zoya Maria Luisa

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