неделя, 11 май 2014 г.

Stunning Studs with Bornprettystore !!!!

Hello,my lovelies...
Finally the rainy days are gone...I hope so.Today the weather was simply perfect - warm,sunny and so extremely delightful.
The day was made just to put some bright studs on my nails ansd to shine like the sun.As I've told you a while ago I've received some samples from Born Pretty Store for a honest review.We've already seen what a treasure their 3D nail decorations are so now it's time to see the bright neon square studs.
I'm in love.
You can find these babies in the 'Hot Nail Decoration' section along with tons of beautiful decals,rhinestones and more.If you want to take them home with you don't wait and do it.I have houndreds of ideas how to arrange and decorate them on my nails.Just don'r forget to use the 10% off code TM2X31 to save a couple of bucks.
Born Pretty Store,guys,you rock.
Enjoy and shine.
*sent for review

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