четвъртък, 23 октомври 2014 г.

Draft Series:Fall-like with Sally Hansen Lava and Illamasqua Charisma !!!!

Hello,my lovelies....
In the next few /well,more than just a few/ posts I'll try to show you all the drafts I'm holding in  for the past few months.I know there's no other so lazy or even torpid person like me...No?No one else?No?Come on,guys...Be as lovely and loving as I know you are and please forgive me.Please?
Straight to the question - there are about 40 drafts in my draft box.Pitty.Ridicilous.Unserious.So I'm about to kick my own butt and start posting.Now.
This mani is absolutely appropriate for this season.The colors are so warm and look so fall-like...I can see the fire of the autumn sun in them.Hope you enjoy them!
Used - 
Sally Hansen Lava - pinky,point one - gorgeous multichrome in golden,copper,pink and fuchsia
Illamasqua Charisma - ring one,middle,thumb - stunning burgundy red with unbelieveble amazing subtle golden shimmer
Desert rose 62 - for the saran-wrap - my favorite golden polish with irresistible satin finish
Zoya Maria Luisa - for extra golden effect on the patterned fingers - truly beautiful anthic gold particles in clear base

                                                                       See you soon,lovelies....

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