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33 Shades of Me with Maria by SNB !!!!

Hello, my lovelies...
Yesterday was my birthday. My 33rd birthday. Yey!
I don't feel like a 33 years old person... 24 maybe. Ok, let's say 26. But 33 sounds good. I like to be 33 years old. It's kind of a milestone for me. It's like a new beginning. I like the number and I hope to say 'I liked the year' sooner or later. This birthday is my own New Year. I didn't like how 2015 has started so why not to give a second start?
So, my birthday sounds like the perfect moment to make this post - a special post about me - Maria, your Red Frog. And the best of all - I have the perfect polish to celebrate my day - she's red, she's deep, she's shiny, she's Maria by SNB! Let's see Maria on Maria's nails and then I'll show you / well, tell you/ all the 33 shades of me.
* Maria is a very special polish not only for the name. She's dedicated to a great cause - kid's sport activities and I'm planning something very special with her for the recent future. So I won't give any more details about Maria in this post, I'll keep the best for her own special moment.
Outer shades - 
1) I still like myself when I look in the mirror. Well, some parts should get themselves in shape but that's another conversation. 
2) I don't follow any fashion trends - if I like it I will wear it no matter what.
3) Sneakers are my best friends. Still prefer the comfy side of walking.
4) I can't make myself wearing high heels. I really like how they look but not on my feet.
5) I don't have a little black dress. I have tons of black clothes but no little dress around.
6) My hair is red for the last 15 years. I still don't feel enough old to change the color. Maybe around my 40th birthday I'll cut my hair short and will dye it silver ... We'll see.
7) My nails are long from the highschool. I still don't feel enough ... hm, don't know how should I feel ... to start wearing them short.
8) I use pretty little make up - only mascara and BB cream but have lots of eye shadows, kajals, pencils, lip glosses and lipsticks ... maybe should give those products a chance...
9) I'm addicted to body lotions. Long live the lotions!
10) I have two tongue piercings. I really like the rattlesnake's sound I can make with them.
11) I love my tattoes. The only problem about them is they are really not enough.
 Inner shades -
12) Family first
13) Loyal
14) Too trustful
15) Not enough self-reliant
16) Too kind
17) Silent
18) Easy crying
19) Easy smiling
20) Moments of hysterical laughter
21) A bit self-destructive
22) Vengeful
Deeper shades -
23) I'm still looking for the right thing to make me feel complete. I hope to find it this year.
24) Some people think I'm a bit shy ... sad or not they are almost right
25) Very often I prefer to be alone but not because I'm too self - sufficient. I'm just able to enjoy the silence.
26) I'm perfectionist when it's up to planning things. My friends often laugh at all my schedules. I plan and sketch even my nail art designs.
27) I like to match my nail color with my lighter. That's why I came out with the Djeep series few months ago which reminds me it's time for another post about it.
28) Here is the place to admit my strongest addiction - I'm a smoker. Go, judge me.
29) My 29th year - the hardest one.
30) I can forgive almost everything but I can't forget it.  
31) I have a secret method to help me dealing with stress and human's stupidity - I  think about hippos, big, fat, lazy hippos.
32) I can be a real bitch when I feel angry, hurt or offended but who doesn't?
33) I have my times of insanity, who doesn't? They make my life more interesting ... yours also I hope.
So, that's all.
All me. All 33. 
All yours,
Red Frog - Maria

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