вторник, 28 април 2015 г.

Draft Series:Gold in the Water !!!!

Hello, my lovelies ....
You know frogs love water. As one true frog I do too. As one true Red Frog I've found a very water-y mani in my draft box. I've made it about an year ago / good G, this one seems to have a birthday party /. No one can say why I haven't posted it till now .... Probably I'm one of those lazy frogs around. The polishes I've used deserve to be shown more often - these guys look so stunning together. 
Now jump in my froggy little lake and enjoy.
Used - 
Depend Holographic 2036
Zoya Gilty Pleasures
Essence Color&go 38 choose me
Manhattan and Playboy Super Nails Aqua Sky
L'Oreal  Color Riche 613 Blue reef
Flormar Light Summer LS04
All yours,
Red Frog in the water

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