неделя, 26 април 2015 г.

Spring flowers for #NAILlinkup !!!!

Hello, my lovelies ....
How sunny and bright is the weather outside this morning.... This  is my favorite time of the year. Everything is so fresh and the new beginning is almost visible. Yes, spring is the season for all things new. Your Red Frog is looking around to find new interesting ways to satisfy her inner hunger for nail art.
#NAILlinkup is here today with the next spring theme - Spring Flowers. I'm really pleased with my flowers - an easy and fun design suitable for all nail lenghts. I'm thinking about a re-do in some sunny yellow, orange and bright red colors.... We'll see.
Hope you'll enjoy. 
Used - 
Golden rose Rich Color 38
Golden rose Rich Color 76
Catherine Arley 511
Catherine Arley 247
Catherine Arley 713
acrylic paints, fine brush, dotting tool 
All yours,
Happy Red Frog

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