вторник, 14 април 2015 г.

Draft Series:Two Of Us !!!!

Hello, my lovelies ....
Hope you feel fine and relaxed after the long holiday weekend. I've really enjoyed these sunny days with my family. It's good to be home with mom and dad. Even at 33 I'm still feeling like a little girl around them .... It's good to be home with your kid - I've really needed to spend some extra free time with my little daughter. Those very special weekend days reminded me about this special DraftSeries post. I've made this mani exactly one year ago - at my parents house, with my little princess. Both of us - me and the little tadpole - were polished almost exactly the same. Sweet precious moments .... Me and Aya.
Maybe someday I'll sit and look at those photos with her little daughter next to me .... who knows.
Used - 
Bell Glam Wear 433
Booty 323
Born Pretty Store bow decoration and flatback square studs
All yours,
Red Frog and the little tadpole

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