четвъртък, 16 април 2015 г.

First Date with MoYou !!!!

Hello, my lovelies ....
My stamping skills suck.
Really bad.
Shaky hands. Slow moves. Too much pressure. Wait .... Let's start with the base color first. I've always wanted a mustard color in my polish collection. Really really want one. I've looked at tons of swatches around the web but still no mustard for me - except the one in my fridge. That's not good. At all. So I've made myself one. Yeah, your Red Frog did some franken-mixing and is pretty satisfied with the result. Ok, it's not the perfect mustard yellow shade I can imagine but it's closer. And the most amazing thing is my franken mustard came up very opaque - almost a one coater. Applause please.
 Now back to the stamping. My firts MoYou plate has arrived while ago and it's stunning - #11 from the Artist Collection. It makes me want to stamp everything around me not only my nails -

So that's it - no matter how dizzy my stamping look like the design is Awesome! I'll definitely try on and on till it comes out perfect. And I'll definitely need more plates like this.
All yours,
Red Shaky Frog

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