вторник, 16 юни 2015 г.

Pearls for the Stranger !!!!

Hello, my lovelies….
Today I want to show you one very interesting shade of greenish grey – Golden rose Color Expert 92. I still can’t decide if I find it odd or not but I definitely like it a lot. Yes, as I’m sitting in front of my polish rack I can say I do like strange almost ugly shades for my nail color. Well, the timeless red is always on the top of my tops but no matter the brand I would give home to any bizarre color I find. So, back to GRCE 92 - in the bottle it looks very close to what I call 'foggy grey' with a hint of green in it. On nails…. I’m looking for the right words, on nails it looks terribly fantastic. Yes. You’ve read it right. Terribly fantastic. The different skin color will give a different hue to this stranger – from almost concrete grey to foggy-dusty-pastel green. My camera doesn't catch the real color - you should see it in person, lovelies. For me this polish is definitely a must have.
Now let me show you the photos.
GRCE 92 is a very special/specific color that deserves the right presentation. I think the classic look of the pearls makes a very interesting contrast with the polish. The iridescence of the pearls gives the mani a bit more mystique touch. For extra sparkling I add a coat of Essence Sparkle Sand Top coat 24 i feel gritty!. It all came just gorgeous.
 I know it’s not a typical color or combo but I really do like it. Hope you do too.
Used –
Golden rose Color Expert 92
Essence Sparkle Sand Top coat 24 i feel gritty!

All yours,
Red Frog

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