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Dress My Nails with Cocomelody vol.1 !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
#DressMyNails series are back with a mani inspired by few amazing semi official dresses.
 Homecoming is one of the most important part in every girl's life. Yeah, I know it sounds strange to think about homecoming dresses in August with a daughter at only 9 but there are times when a strange thoughts are running through my truly strange mind. After all I have a daughter and as a girl's mother my strange thoughts don't seem to be so strange. I hope to be part of all the craziness when her homecoming becomes a reality.
While ago I've found the perfect place for all the homecoming preparation - cocomelody - a great selection of dresses, shoes, accessories and all about girls' dreams.

Looking at all the cheap homecoming dresses 2015 at the store all I can think about is why I'm not still 18 years old....
At cocomelody you, my lovelies, will find dresses with gorgeous rhinestone decoration in different fabrics, patterns and colors. I've choose few of my favourite ones to show you along with the mani I've made inspired by them.
 Some of the homecoming dresses under 100 can be a good choice for a night out with the girls or for a romantic dinner with your beloved one. And you won't believe it - cocomelody offers personalized customization. Your requirements - your dress. 
That sounds like to have a very own team of stylists specially for you! All from cocomelody.com - 
It's good to know there are specialists you can count on for such a important day in your life. Thinking about my little princess' homecoming I'm sure I'll do all my best to make her day the most special in the world. That's what I call a inspiration!
Be sure to take a look at cocomelody - there are lots of great deals for more than one special occasion. And last but not least - cocomelody offers free shipping! It's good to know you can spend the saved bucks for a gorgeous pair of shoes or a lovely purse, ah?
Be beautiful, my lovelies.
All yours,
Red Frog


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