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Dermacol 5 Day Stay - the Red !!!!

Hello, my lovelies….

It’s Monday evening and your Red Frog is terribly tired. It’s not a good start for the working week. I knew there will be enough work at the office and after that but Good G! – felt like I’m on a roller coaster all day. The good part is I really haven’t got the time to realize where the whole day has go. I woke up at the morning and here I am talking blah blah here just couple of hours before midnight.

Today I have a very special red polish to show you – Dermacol 5 Day Stay 09  - a whole red and gold universe hidden in a little bottle. There are tons of golden flakes floating around this red gorgeousness and transferring on the nails in such a stunning way. I’m kind of impressed of this baby. Few details maybe will be helpful to create the whole picture –

The brush – long, not from the widest ones but absolutely perfect to work on claws like mine.

The opacity – Amazing. Two coats were more than enough to create a even coverage. 

The pigmentation – Stunning. Dermacol 5 Day Stay 09 has one of the most beautiful shades of red I’ve ever seen on my nails. It’s like a juicy raspberry syrup with lots of gold in it.

The drying time – very very satisfying if you don’t want to use TC.

There are few more interesting shades I’d love to see in person at parfimo store along with great variety of polishes from other brands.

Now let’s see the photos –

Maybe I’d had to keep it less decorated…. The two metallic circles seemed to be too much.  But that’s it. What’s done it’s done.

I really like this Dermacol 5 Day Stay 09 and will definitely try some of the other shades – you can a look at the decorative cosmetic section of parfimo.

So that’s all. I’m going to sleep and dream about the time when there will be more than 24 hours in each day.

All yours,

Red Frog

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