четвъртък, 10 септември 2015 г.

Black roses on grey gradient !!!!

   Hello, my lovelies....
   Sunny days are over.... at least for this week. It's raining outside. It's raining and it probably will keep it that way the next couple of days. It's sad. Really sad to see the end of the summer. 
   That's the reason for today's mani. I'm starting to look accross the dark shades in my collection which were a bit ignored lately. It's been a while since I've painted roses on my nails and the base here looked like a great opportunity for a comeback. 
   The good creme finish always throws me into a great dilemma. Should I leave it clear just to enjoy the smoothness or should I add some decoration to make it pop out? Such a difficult decision to be made....
Roses on grey gradient. Simple. Easy. Casual. 
Used -
Manhattan Lotus effect 65W - blackened blackberry purple
Essence Color&go 35 Movie star - dark concrete grey
L'Oreal Color Riche 604 Metropolitan - lighter cloudy grey
acrilyc paint, fine brush
All yors,
Red Frog

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